I work retail

Im in love

I like things

I post stuff here

I like to pretend im a poet
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A poem

Looking back

I’ve met so many incredible and strong women. All of which should be worshipped and adored. I even had the opportunity to be their lover and in many cases I was not mature enough, not good enough to treat them how they deserved and we lost touch.

And now I can’t foster a friendship with some of them because of who I was and I don’t blame them for thinking I am the same as I was because enlightenment is lost on far too many. But now I know better and I have learned to really love and to give my all.

And I am finally complete because of it.

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I would like to say to anyone reading right now that in my teens, I was preyed upon by older men, and I thought I was in control; that I was just too mature for anyone my age. I now see these men were using my blindness- women their own age could see what losers they were when I couldn't. I missed out on friends, I missed out on my prom, and now as an adult I'm stranded in a world where I have to figure out what a healthy relationship is.
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john lennon syndrome?


john lennon syndrome is when a dumbass thinks they’re concerned about peace and social issues and believe they are in touch with nature when in reality they just say the n word, smoke weed, throw a bunch of hindu and buddhist imagery together and call it “inner peace,” and don’t shower. you probably know a lot of these people